No redemption – LP

id: coyo35 year: 2020 format: LP
CO-RELEASED BY: Goodwill Records, La agonia de Vivir, Abnegat records, Passions menas struggle, Fresh Outbreak records, Sedation records, Mastice produzioni, Choices of your own

DESCRIPTION  : Mixing 80’s american hardcore-punk, in the vein of bands like Boston Stranglers, Protester and Trash Talk, with metal influences and a slightly italian touch. Berlin based Sputa upcoming record “No redemption” present 9 tracks of ruthless, hateful and uncompromising hardcore punk engineered for pit starters and stage diving lovers.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONS : Drums, Bass and Vocals recorded by CrofX at Trailor Park Studio in Berlin. Guitars recorded by Marco at @Dead Star Studio Italy. Mixed and Mastered by Will Killingsworth at @Dead Air Studio Massachusetts. Artwork by @davide Mancini

01 – Existenz
02 – Walk on actor
03 – Old crap, same game
04 – Big mouth
05 – Endless circle
05 – All that glitters is not gold
05 – Waste
05 – Harmless resignation
05 – Conformity control

BANDCAMP : https://sputa.bandcamp.com/
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/sputahardcorepunk