First Lesson – ‘7

skate punk-hardcore | palermo @ italy
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id: coyoXX
year: 2006
format:vinyl 7
DIY CONSPIRACY: Choices of your Own, To Live A Lie, Porrozine, Accidia Hc, Palermo Hardcore, Buffalo ’66, Total Dissent, Stress To Death Records, Kawaii Records, Miss Thrash, Nuova Leva Hardcore, Strong Heart Records, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Rocket Bar, Dada Dischi, Sona Miuzik, Il Primitivo Editore, 1899 DIY

A1 – Fake!
A2 – You Skate / We Feel Hate
A3 – Spring
A4 – 8-Bit Fight!
A5 – Back To Mythology
A6 – Just A Phonecall
B1 – Tough Guy (Written by Beastie Boys)
B2 – Last Minute Pinups
B3 – Closet Friends
B4 – Smartness
B5 – Seeing Red