First Lesson – ‘7

skate punk-hardcore | palermo @ italy
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id: coyoXX
year: 2006
format:vinyl 7
DIY CONSPIRACY: Choices of your Own, To Live A Lie, Porrozine, Accidia Hc, Palermo Hardcore, Buffalo ’66, Total Dissent, Stress To Death Records, Kawaii Records, Miss Thrash, Nuova Leva Hardcore, Strong Heart Records, ┬íZAS! Autoproduzioni, Rocket Bar, Dada Dischi, Sona Miuzik, Il Primitivo Editore, 1899 DIY

A1 – Fake!
A2 – You Skate / We Feel Hate
A3 – Spring
A4 – 8-Bit Fight!
A5 – Back To Mythology
A6 – Just A Phonecall
B1 – Tough Guy (Written by Beastie Boys)
B2 – Last Minute Pinups
B3 – Closet Friends
B4 – Smartness
B5 – Seeing Red